About Us

Atlantic County Crime Stoppers is operated by a Board of Directors comprised of local citizens who are governed by their By-Laws, authorize disbursement of funds and procure ways of fundraising.

We are a member of Crime Stoppers USA, which spans the United States to build a network of local US programs that work together to help prevent and solve crime in communities and schools across the nation.

Our purpose is to use a combination of anonymity and monetary rewards to encourage individuals to come forward with information about crimes.

The Atlantic County Crime Stoppers Foundation, Inc. depends on fundraising events and contributions from public-spirited citizens to maintain its reward fund.

Please visit our Donation Page for more information.

Three partners are essential to a Crime Stoppers program:

  1. The Community  -  Citizens form the foundation of a local Crime Stoppers program.  There are people who volunteer as directors on the Crime Stoppers board with responsibility to operate the non-profit corporation, raise funds and approve reward payments when crimes are solved.  Members of the public support Crime Stoppers at public events and through other fundraising activities.  There are others who call Crime Stoppers when they have information that will solve crime.

  2. The Media  -  Local media outlets have responsibility for promoting Crime Stoppers by publicizing unsolved crimes and assisting with appeals to raise funds for the program. On an ongoing basis, newspapers as well as radio and television stations in the community should undertake to broadcast a Crime of the Week, which highlights an unsolved case. The media should also regularly promote the Crime Stopper phone number and website.

  3. The Police  -  Appoint a coordinator to operate the Crime Stoppers program on a daily basis and provide staff to maintain an office that takes tips on the Crime Stoppers phone and website.  Responders are never asked to identify themselves and there is no equipment in the office that records voices or traces telephone or online tip numbers.  Anonymity is guaranteed.  The police are also required to investigate the various Crime Stoppers tips and report back to the coordinator when a case is solved.